UTEP’s 100th Birthday!

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UTEP is celebrating its 100th year in education with the posters of the century!!

Sometime last year in my Graphic Design practicum class, we were given the assignment to create these wonderful commemorative posters for the centennial celebration. The idea is simple: one poster to represent each decade in culture, design and things relevant to the University. With countless revisions and edits, our team of less than 12 worked past the semester on and off for almost another 7 months to finally complete our creative solutions.

I am proud to see our work was entered in the Student Art Show Exhibition at UTEP and won for Best Graphic Design! My group, which consisted of Micheal Cortez, Christine Villegas and myself, worked on decades 1910, 1930 and 2000s (which can be seen here).  Very proud of our team of designers at UTEP!

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